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Hot Melt Gasket - Lightweight and Convenient Construction

Hot melt gasket adopts PVC, EVA, PE or other plastic as raw material, and it is produced by injection molding machine. It is a kind of specially product that designed for the using of tunnel geomembrane. So it is also known as the tunnel geomembrane for hot melt round gasket. Hot melt gasket can be divided into two types, stomatal type and no stomatal type, you can according to the specific circumstances of application to select different products. It not only overcomes the shortcomings of geomembrane in traditional sling type installation may be damaged, but also features the advantages of light weight, convenient construction, and adapt to the shape of the excavation face. Mainly used in water conservancy, highway, railway, tunnel, waterproof coiled material, geotechnical cloth installation, fixing and using.

Three nonporous hot melt gaskets with white, red and black colors, and a small piece of iron plate is between them.
HMG-1: Nonporous hot melt gasket in white, red and black colors.
Four white porous hot melt gaskets are put on the orange background, and a small piece of iron plate is in the middle.
HMG-2: White porous hot melt gasket.


  • Product name: hot melt gasket.
  • Material: PVC, EVA, PE or other plastic.
  • Color: white, black or red. Other colors can be customized.
  • Diameter: 65 mm, 70 mm and 80 mm.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy welding.
  • Convenient construction.
  • Not easy to damage geomembrane.
  • Adapt to the shape of the excavation face.
Details about frontage and reverse side of hot melt gaskets.
HMG-3: Porous and nonporous type hot melt gasket frontage and reverse side.

Hot melt gasket is used to weld geomembrane, mainly applicable in water conservancy, highway, railway, tunnel, waterproof coiled material, geotechnical cloth installation, fixing and using.

Hot melt gasket operation instructions:

  • It can not be used in flammable and corrosive gas environment.
  • It can not be arbitrary percussion, so as to avoid touching the line to shorten the life.

Hot melt gasket installation notes:

  1. Hot melt gaskets should be installed in accordance with the plum blossom shape. Vertical direction spacing should not be more than 80 cm, and in horizontal direction, each volume of geomembrane should not be less than 3 pieces, the vertical and horizontal spacing of the tunnel top should be less than 50 cm.
  2. In the tunnel excavation face, use nail gun to fix hot melt gasket in vertically and horizontally arrangement on the geomembrane. If the tail of steel nail is bulged, then use the hammer to make it flat. In order to ensure there is no protruding nails that will pierce the geomembrane.
  3. After the hot melt gasket is fixed on the geomembrane, 3 to 5 workers begin to lay the geomembrane. When welding the hot melt gasket, direction from the bottom to the top clockwise or counter clockwise direction, use the hot air welding plastic gun to heat the back of the geomembrane and weld the hot melt gasket one by one on both sides of the geomembrane.
  4. When heat welding, the hot air from the hot air welding gun should be in the 45 degree angle. 60% of the hot air should be aimed to the hot melt gasket, this is to prevent the geomembrane melting firstly and then may cause geomembrane damage.
  5. The hot welding time should be controlled in 5 to 10 seconds, according to the temperature of the hot air heated by the hot air welding gun. And the workers should according to the actual situation of the construction site to adjust the corresponding melting time. Remember that the time should not be too long. This is to prevent damage geomembrane, hot melt gasket, geotechnical cloth, resulting in unqualified craft and unnecessary loss.
  6. When in hot welding, hot melt gasket and waterproof board should be fully hot melt.
  7. While welding, the using tools should not adopt circular electric iron to melt.
  8. The operation should prevent the high temperature hot air and electric from hot air welding gun damage to the operator.

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