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Long Fiber Geotextile Fabric - Excellent Drainage Function

Long fiber geotextile fabric is prescribed by the state, a kind of new construction material that used for civil engineering. And the filament fibers are arranged into reticular through different equipment and technology. Then through the acupuncture craft, let different fibers interwoven with each other, mutual entanglement, fixed and make the fabric standardizing. This is in order to make the fabric soft, plump, thick, stiff and achieve different thickness to meet the using requirements. In addition, its relative product is short fiber geotextile fabric, but the tensile strength of the filament is higher than that of the short fiber.

Because the fiber has a certain ability to resist tearing. At the same time, it has a good adaptability to deformation as well as the ability of plane drainage. Surface softness, multi gap, good friction coefficient and can increase the adhesion ability of soil particles and other particles. It can also prevent the loss of fine particles. Most importantly, by stopping the loss of particulates, the excess water is eliminated. Surface soft has good protection ability. Long fiber geotextile fabric has filtering, isolation, reinforcement, protection and other functions. And it is a kind of widely used synthetic material.

Two pieces of white long fiber geotextile fabric sample are lying on the black background.
LFGF-1: Long fiber geotextile fabric.
A roll of long fiber geotextile fabric is lying on the black background.
LFGF-2: Long fiber geotextile fabric roll.


  • Product name: long fiber geotextile fabric.
  • Material: polypropylene fiber silk or polyester filament.
  • Length: 50 m - 100 m, or at your requests.
  • Width: 4 m - 6 m, or can be customized.
  • Weight (gram/square meter): 100-800 g/m2.
Item Index
Nominal breaking strength 4.5 7.5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50
Longitudinal and transverse rupture strength, kN/m ≥ 4.5 7.5 10.0 15.0 20.0 25.0 30.0 40.0 50.0
Standard strength corresponds to elongation,% 40~80
CBR burst strength/kN≥ 0.8 1.6 1.9 2.9 3.9 5.3 6.4 7.9 8.5
Longitudinal to tear strength/kN ≥ 0.14 0.21 0.28 0.42 0.56 0.70 0.82 1.10 1.25
Equivalent aperture O90/mm 0.05~0.20
Thickness/ mm≥ 0.8 1.2 1.6 2.2 2.8 3.4 4.2 5.5 6.8
Width deviation,% -0.5
Deviation of mass per unit area,% -5
Long fiber geotextile fabric is produced by the machine.
LFGF-3: Long fiber geotextile fabric production line.
An enlarge picture about long fiber geotextile fabric produce process.
LFGF-4: Long fiber geotextile fabric is on production.


  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: No chemical additives, no heat treatment, it is environmentally friendly building materials.
  • Corrosion resistance: Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no worm damage, antioxidant.
  • Reinforcement effect: Good friction coefficient and tensile strength, and play the role of soil reinforcement.
  • Isolation effect: Laying on the geotextile to prevent the upper and lower layers of gravel, soil and concrete mixed.
  • Drainage function: It has strong anti-buried, corrosion resistant performance, fluffy structure, and excellent drainage performance.
  • Creep resistance: It can adapt to the uneven base construction, can resist construction external damage, enhance the stability of building structures and improve soil quality.
  • Anti puncture ability: The ability of resisting plant roots puncture is strong, good protective performance.
  • Protective effect: With good air permeability and water permeability, so that the flow through, and effectively retain the sand and soil.
  • Excellent water conductivity: It has good water conductivity, and can form a drainage channel in the soil body, drain excess liquid and gas out of the soil structure.
  • Simple construction and low cost: Lightweight, easy to use, simple construction, shorten the time limit for a project and improve economic efficiency.


  • As retaining wall backfill reinforcement, as anchored retaining wall panel, build wrapped retaining wall or abutment.
  • Used to repair the cracks on the road, play a role of strengthen the flexible pavement, and prevent pavement reflection cracks.
  • For slope protection, increase the stability of gravel slope and reinforced soil, prevent soil and water erosion, as well as soil freeze injury in low temperature.
  • As the isolation layer between road ballast and subgrade, or isolation layer between subgrade and soft foundation.
  • Used as isolation layer between artificial fill, rockfill or material field and foundation, the isolation among different frozen soil layers. Play the role of anti-filtration and reinforcement.
  • Ash storage dam or tailings dam early upstream filter layer, or used as filter layer of drainage system in retaining wall backfill.
  • Used for drainage underground pipe around or gravel drainage ditch surrounding filter layer.
  • Used as filter layer of water well, pressure relief well, inclined tube in water conservancy projects.
  • Isolation effect between highways, airports, railway ballast and artificial rockfill and foundation.
  • For internal earth dam vertical or horizontal drainage, buried in soil and play the role of dissipate gap water pressure.
  • Be used for the behind of earth dam or embankment impervious membrane, lower part concrete drainage.
  • Geotextile for tunnel, exclude tunnel perimeter water seepage, reduce the lining external water pressure and the water seepage around the building.
  • Used for artificial fill foundation and playground foundation drainage.
  • For the highway (including temporary road), railway, embankment, dam, airport, stadium and other projects to strengthen soft foundation.
Some workers are laying the white long fiber geotextile fabric from the slope top to the bottom.
LFGF-5: Long fiber geotextile fabric can be used for slope protection to increase the stability.
Two workers are operating the machine to lay white long fiber geotextile fabric on the road bed.
LFGF-6: Long fiber geotextile fabric as the isolation layer for road bed.
White long fiber geotextile fabric is laid on the highway, and its two sides are woods.
LFGF-7: Long fiber geotextile fabric can be used for highway to strengthen soft foundation.
A worker is laying the white long fiber geotextile fabric on the top of the earth dam.
LFGF-8: Long fiber geotextile fabric is suitable for dam to dissipate gap water pressure.
A piece of huge rectangle shaped area is laid by long fiber geotextile fabric, and there is woods beside it.
LFGF-9: Long fiber geotextile fabric is suitable for artificial fill foundation drainage.

Long fiber geotextile fabric rolls can be packaged with black plastic film or plastic woven bag, and then on wooden cases, pallets or as your requirements.

A roll of white long fiber geotextile fabric is put on the transparent plastic film.
LFGF-10: Long fiber geotextile fabric is on packaging.
Some packaged white long fiber geotextile fabric rolls are lying on the ground in the factory.
LFGF-11: Long fiber geotextile fabric rolls with transparent plastic film package.
Nine long fiber geotextile fabric rolls with black plastic film are lying on a piece of white fabric, and more packaged rolls are behind them.
LFGF-12: Long fiber geotextile fabric can be packaged with black plastic film.
Long fiber geotextile fabric rolls with black plastic film package are piled up orderly in a truck.
LFGF-13: Packaged long fiber geotextile fabric are waiting for transport.

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