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Soft Permeable Pipe - Good Filtration and Drainage Property

Soft permeable pipe is a new type of pipe that has anti water filtering function. It is supported by the anti rust spring coil, and form into high compressive soft structure, non woven fabric as lining filtering. This is in order to make mud sand impurities can not enter the pipe, so as to achieve the function of net water seepage. The outer coating layer is formed around the polypropylene fiber has excellent water absorption, can quickly collect excess water in the soil. And rubber reinforced wall coating layer and the spring steel tube body become organic integration has a good full range of water permeability function, osmotic water enters into the tube smoothly. But the sand mud impurities are blocked outside the tube, so as to achieve the purpose of water permeability, filtration and drainage.

Soft permeable pipe is in discoid shape lying on the ground.
SPP-1: Soft permeable pipe.
Part of the soft permeable pipe is put on the fake grassland, and its inside is anti rust spring coil.
SPP-2: The inner of soft permeable pipe is anti rust spring coil.

Design principle and advantages of soft permeable pipe
Soft permeable pipe overcomes many shortcomings which the other drainage pipes have. Because of its unique product design principle and constituent materials with excellent performance, its drainage and water seepage effect are strong. Use of "capillary" phenomenon and "siphon" principle, set water absorption, permeable and drainage as a whole. With engineering design requirements of pressure resistance, water permeability and anti filtration. It will not because of the geological and geographical temperature changes that occur fracture, and can achieve the effect of discharge clean water. In addition, it will not cause the secondary pollution to the environment, belongs to a new type of environmental protection product. Its construction is simple, no joints, no special requirements on the geology and topography, any places where need subsurface drainage can be used.


  • Product name: soft permeable pipe.
  • Material: high-carbon steel wire, synthetic polyester fibers and geotextile.
  • Color: white, blue and black.
  • Commonly used sizes:
    • Diameter for 50 mm: 100-200 meters per root length.
    • Diameter for 80 mm: 50 m per root length.
    • Diameter for 100 mm: 50 m per root length.
    • Diameter for 150 mm: 50 m per root length.
    • Diameter for 200 mm: 50 m per root length.
    • Diameter for 300 mm: 50 m per root length.
    • Note: Large quantity orders, each length can be customized according to customers requirements.
Specifications of soft permeable pipe
Item Model Inner diameter (± 2 mm) Spring ring density (± 3 circles/m) Spring ring wire diameter (± 0.1 mm) Standard length (m/each one)
1 Type 50 50 55 1.6 150
2 Type 80 80 40 2.0 80
3 Type 100 100 34 2.6 60
4 Type 150 150 25 3.5 50
5 Type 200 200 19 4.5 35
6 Type 250 250 17 5.0 30
7 Type 300 300 15 5.5 25


  • Non woven fabric inner liner.
  • Thickness: 0.1-0.38 mm.
  • Diameter that more than 200 mm need to be customized.
Performance parameters of soft permeable pipe
Item Test unit Type 50 Type 80 Type 100 Type 150 Type 200 Type 250 Type 300 Test method
1 Inside diameter deviation mm ± 2 ± 2 ± 3 ± 3.5 ± 4 ± 6 ± 8 Measurement of a cursor card with a precision of 0.02.
2 Filter cloth Longitudinal tensile strength kN/5 cm ≥1.0 GB/T3923.1-1997
Longitudinal tensile rate % ≥12 GB/T3923.1-1997
Transverse tensile strength kN/5 cm ≥0.8 GB/T3923.1-1997
Transverse tensile rate % ≥12 GB/T3923.1-1997
Ball bursting strength kN ≥1.1 SL/T235-1999
Water seepage coefficient K20 cm/s ≥0.1 SL/T235-1999
Equivalent aperture mm 0.06-025 GB/T14799-1993
3 Compressive flat rate 1% N/m 400 720 1600 3125 4000 4800 5600 SL/T235-1999
2% N/m 720 1600 3120 4000 4800 5600 6400 SL/T235-1999
3% N/m 1480 3120 4800 6400 6800 7200 7600 SL/T235-1999
4% N/m 2640 4800 6000 7200 8400 8800 9600 SL/T235-1999
5% N/m 4400 6000 7200 8000 9200 10400 12000 SL/T235-1999


  • Flexible and easy to bend.
  • Low price, economical and practical.
  • Light weight, convenient construction.
  • High permeability, large drainage volume.
  • High compressive and tensile strength, long service life.
  • Good corrosion resistance and anti bio-erosion resistance.
  • Soft texture, good combination of soil and other advantages.
  • The whole continuity is good, less joint, and the connection is convenient.
  • Small pore diameter, the full range of water permeability, good permeability.
Soft permeable pipe in various sizes from different views.
SPP-3: Soft water pipe has different sizes.

Soft water pipe as a new type pipe with excellent water permeability, filtration and drainage properties is suitable for a wide range of applications, like:

  • Horizontal drilling drainage.
  • Drainage for tunnel and sewer.
  • Drainage for outdoor sports venues.
  • Drainage for roof garden and flower bed.
  • Water and soil conservation of hill slopes.
  • Drainage and slope protection of land slump.
  • Underground drainage of engineering projects.
  • Drainage of electric ash dam and water conservancy dam.
  • Foundation of highway and railway, drainage of soft soil foundation.
  • Drainage and vegetation protection of highway central isolation zone.
  • Low-lying drainage and transformation of saline and alkaline land system.
  • Vertical and horizontal drainage of the back of various types of retaining wall.
A reel of long length soft water pipe is lying on the ground.
SPP-4: Soft permeable pipe is flexible and lightweight.
Two workers are working to put the soft permeable pipe into the pit.
SPP-5: Soft permeable pipe can be used for underground drainage.

Connection mode of soft permeable pipe:
50 mm soft permeable pipe can be produced according to the tunnel circumferential length with longitudinal 100 mm water permeable pipe, length 6-30 m connect with a complete set of direct connection and three connection joints.

Soft permeable pipe can be wrapped in white woven cloth, and then packed in bags, or at your requests.

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