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Geomembrane Liners - Wear Resistance and High Strength

Geomembrane liners is also called impervious membrane. With geotechnical cloth as the conduct water layer, high polymer plastic film as the impervious layer, after rolling, hot melting and coating into composite geotechnical anti seepage material. Its thickness is 0.2 mm - 3 mm, in which the thickness of 0.8 mm above is also called geomembrane. The impervious performance of the geotechnical membrane is mainly depend on the impervious performance of the plastic film. Geomembrane liners' rolling, hot melting and coating production process not only maintain its good mechanical properties, but also make the thickness of the composite product film uniform.

What's more, with the advantage of high peeling strength, it avoids stomatal or sand holes formed on the plastic film, greatly improve the anti permeability of the film. The film surface adopts embossing process, increase the friction coefficient of the film, improve the stability of the seepage control project. And at the same time, it is also convenient for construction, so the application field of geomembrane liners is very extensive like, environmental protection engineering, hydraulic engineering, municipal engineering, petrochemical industry, mining industry, agriculture, aquaculture, salt industry, subgrade engineering and many other places.

A piece of geomembrane sample with black membrane between two pieces of geotextile is held by one's hand on the blue background.
GL-1: Geomembrane liners with black membrane between two pieces of geotextile.
A piece of geomembrane sample with two pieces of geotextile and one white membrane between the geotextile.
GL-2: Geomembrane liners with white membrane between two pieces of geotextile.


  • Product name: geomembrane liners.
  • Material: PVC film, HDPE film, LDPE film, EVA film and ECB film. ECB geomembrane is mainly used for tunnel.
  • Type: short fiber needle punched geotextile, woven geotextile, glass fiber mesh, etc.
  • Width: 3 m - 6 m.
  • Thickness: 0.2 mm - 0.8 mm.
  • Weight: 400-1500 g/m2.
  • Structure: a piece of geotextile with a membrane, two pieces of geotextile with a membrane and two membranes with a piece of geotextile.
    • A piece of geotextile with a membrane:
      • Weight: 100-1000 g/m2.
      • Thickness: 0.1-1.5 mm.
    • Two pieces of geotextile with a membrane:
      • Weight: 80-600 g/m2.
      • Thickness: 0.2-1.5 mm.
    • Two membranes with a piece of geotextile:
      • Weight: 100-1000 g/m².
      • Thickness: 0.1-0.8 mm.
There is a machine in the factory that is used to produce geomembrane liners.
GL-3: Geomembrane liners produce machine.
An enlarge picture about white geomembrane liners produce process.
GL-4: Geomembrane liners is on production.

Geomembrane liners technology index (national standard GB/T17643-1998)
According to the material, geomembrane liners can be divided into: PVC geomembrane liners, HDPE geomembrane liners, LDPE geomembrane liners, EVA geomembrane liners and ECB geomembrane liners, so the technical indicators are also based on a variety of materials to set.

HDPE geomembrane liners technical index:

HDPE geomembrane liners technical index
Item Test Test value
Ordinary Environmental friendly
1 Thickness (mm) 0.2 - 4
2 Width (m) 2.5 - 8
3 Tensile strength (vertical and horizontal) MPa ≥17 ≥25
4 Elongation at break (horizontal and vertical) % ≥450 ≥550
5 Right angle tear strength (N/mm) ≥80 ≥110
6 Carbon black content % 2.0 - 3.0 2.0 - 3.0
7 Environmental stress crack resistance (F20)   ≥1500
8 -70°C low temperature impact embrittlement property   pass
9 200°C oxidation induction time   ≥20

ECB geomembrane liners and EVA geomembrane liners technical indicators are the same.

Technical index of ECB geomembrane liners and EVA geomembrane liners
Item Test Value
1 Thickness (mm) 0.2 - 4
2 Width (m) 2.5 - 8
3 Tensile strength (vertical and horizontal) MPa ≥16
4 Elongation at break (horizontal and vertical) % ≥550
5 Right angle tear strength (N/mm) ≥60
6 Water vapor permeability coefficient (g, cm/ <1.0 × 10-13
7 Operating temperature range (°C) +70 - -70

PVC geomembrane liners technology index

PVC geomembrane liners technology index
Item Test I type II type
1 Tensile strength (≥) 8.0 12.0
2 Elongation at break (%) 200 250
3 Heat treatment size change rate (%) 3.0 2.0
4 Low temperature bending (°C) -20°C without crack -25°C without crack
5 Puncture resistance No seepage water
6 Impervious property No seepage water


  • Wide width and less seam: The width can be up to six meters, compared with other similar narrow width products, it reduces the seams, the cost of the project and shorten the construction period. At the same time, it also reduces the hidden danger that caused by improper joint seam processing.
  • Low cost and high efficiency: Compared with the traditional cloth and membrane separation, the use of composite geomembrane can improve the use effect, save more project time, reduce the cost of the project, the comprehensive benefit is obvious.
  • Excellent aging resistance: Using buried laying can have longer service life.
  • Good chemical stability: Water pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, wear resistance, low temperature resistance, non-toxic, good plane surface drainage function and good seepage control effect.
  • Good thermal insulation property: With unique thermal insulation, moisture, anti frost, anti freezing effect.


  1. Environmental protection and environmental sanitation: living landfill yard, sewage treatment plant, toxic and hazardous disposal site, dangerous goods warehouse, power plant adjusting tank, industrial and hospital solid waste, buildings and blast landfill waterproof and leakage proof.
  2. Water conservancy engineering: anti-seepage, leakage blockage and reinforcement of river, lake and reservoir dikes and banks, anti-seepage of canal, vertical central wall, side slope, etc.
  3. Municipal projects: underground project of subway and structure, anti-seepage of plantation roof and roof garden, lining of sewage pipe, etc.
  4. Landscape garden: man-made lake, river way, cistern, bottom lining and side slope of pool in golf course, greening lawn waterproof and anti-seepage, etc.
  5. Petrochemical industry: anti-seepage of oil tank of chemical plant, oil refinery and filling station, lining of chemical reaction tank and sedimentation tank, etc.
  6. Mine industry: bottom lining and anti-seepage of washing and selecting tank, piling and soaking tank, ash yard, dissolution tank, pile yard and tailing, etc.
  7. Agriculture: anti-seepage of ditch, channel, reservoir, drinking water tank, pool and irrigation system.
  8. Aquaculture industry: lining of intensive and plant type cultivation tank, fish pound and shrimp pool, side slope of sea cucumber ring, etc.
  9. Salt industry: crystal tank of salt field, tarpaulin cover of halogenation tank, salt film, plastic tarpaulin cover of salt tank.
  10. Traffic facilities: reinforcement of road foundation and anti-seepage of subway and culvert.
Two workers are working to put the metal roller into the geomembrane liners, and they are all standing on the laid geomembrane liners.
GL-5: Geomembrane liners can be used for artificial lake.
Some workers are laying the black geomembrane liners on a huge area, and there are some cars beside it.
GL-6: Geomembrane liners is suitable for ponds.
There is a huge rectangle pit, and black geomembrane liners is completed covered on it.
GL-7: Geomembrane liners is applicable for aquaculture.
Black geomembrane liners is used to cover the large outdoor tank, some trees and grassland are around it.
GL-8: Geomembrane liners can be used for large outdoor tank.
Black geomembrane liners is divided into neat rectangle pieces and covered on the ground, two aircraft are beside it.
GL-9: Geomembrane liners can be used as floating covers.

Geomembrane liners rolls are wrapped with black woven bags, and then on pallets or as your requests.

There are some geomembrane liners rolls packaged with black woven bags in the factory, and pile up together orderly.
GL-10: Geomembrane liners rolls can be packaged with black woven bags.

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