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Geogrids and Geocell for Road and Slope Reinforcement

Various types of black geogrids are lying on the ground, and there is a coin in the middle for contrast.
GAG-1: Geogrids with different specifications.

Geogrids and geocell is a kind of geosynthetic material that used to reinforce soils. Geogrids are commonly used to reinforce retaining walls, as well as subbases or subsoils below roads or structures. While geocell is extensively used in civil engineering and geotechnical applications like root and river bed protection, greenbelt and vegetation erosion control, embankment and levees reinforcement and so on.

We manufacture various types geogrids and geocells. According to raw materials, geogrids mainly have four types: plastic geogrid, steel plastic geogrid, fiberglass geogrid and polyester geogrid. And according to manufacturing process, it can be divided into three types: uniaxial geogrid, biaxial geogrid and triaxial geogrid. Geocells mainly have two types: non-perforated geocell and perforated geocell. Therefore, based on its various types and specifications, it can be applied in different soil conditions.


  • Product name: geogrids and geocell.
  • Material: plastic, high strength steel, polyester, fiberglass and high-density polyethylene.
  • Color: black, green or as your requests.
Uniaxial geogrid specifications (index properties)
Item Properties Units UX1100 UX1400 UX1500 UX1600 UX1700 UX1800
1 Tensile strength at 5% strain kN/m (lb/ft.) 27 (1,850) 31 (2,130) 52(3,560) 58(3,980) 75(5,140) 95(6,510)
2 Ultimate tensile strength kN/m (lb/ft.) 58 (3,970) 70 (4,800) 114 (7,810) 144 (9,870) 175 (11,990) 210 (14,390)
3 Junction strength kN/m (lb/ft.) 54 (3,690) 66 (4,520) 105 (7,200) 135 (9,250) 160 (10,970) 180 (12,340)
4 Flexural stiffness (mg-cm) 500,000 730,000 5,100,000 6,000,000 9,075,000 9,500,000
Load Capacity
Properties Units UX1100 UX1400 UX1500 UX1600 UX1700 UX1800
5 Maximum allowable (design) strength kN/m (lb/ft.) 21.2 (1,450) 25.6 (1,760) 41.8 (2,860) 52.7 (3,620) 64.1 (4,390) 74.1 (5,080)
Note: Other specifications can be customized according to your specific requirements.
Specifications example: Biaxial geogrid (BX11000)
Item Properties Units MD Values1 XMD Values1
1 Aperture dimensions2 mm (in.) 25 (1.0) 33 (1.3)
2 Minimum rib thickness2 mm (in.) 0.76 (0.03) 0.76 (0.03)
3 Tensile strength at 2% strain3 kN/m (lb/ft.) 4.1 (280) 6.6 (450)
4 Tensile strength at 5% strain3 kN/m (lb/ft.) 8.5 (580) 13.4 (920)
5 Ultimate tensile strength3 kN/m (lb/ft.) 12.4 (850) 19.0 (1,300)
Structural Properties
6 Junction efficiency4 % MD Values1
7 Flexural stiffness5 mg-cm 250.000
8 Aperture stability6 m-N/deg 0.32
9 Resistance to installation damage7 %SC/%SW/%GP 95/93/90
10 Resistance to long term degradation8 % 100
11 Resistance to UV degradation9 % 100
12 Roll sizes m (ft.) 3.0 × 75.0 (9.8 × 246); 4.0 × 75.0 (13.1 × 246)
Triaxial geogrid properties
Item Index properties Longitudinal Diagonal Transverse General
1 Rib pitch, mm (in.) 40 (1.60) 40 (1.60)
2 Mid-rib depth, mm (in.) 1.3 (0.05) 1.2 (0.05)
3 Mid-rib width, mm (in.) 0.9 (0.04) 1.2 (0.05)
4 Rib shape rectangular
5 Aperture shape triangular
A piece of black uniaxial geogrid sample is lying on the ground, and a coin is on it for contrast.
GAG-2: Uniaxial geogrid.
There is a piece of biaxial geogrid sample lying on the white background.
GAG-3: Black biaxial geogrid in small size.
A piece of green biaxial geogrid is lying on the ground, and a red pencil is on it for contrast.
GAG-4: Green biaxial geogrid in big size.
Black biaxial geogrid sample on the ground, and a coin is on the middle of it for contrast.
GAG-5: Black biaxial geogrid sample with small mesh sizes.
A coin is on the middle of the black biaxial geogrid sample, and there is a tape to measure its length, the number is 15 cm.
GAG-6: Measuring the length of black biaxial geogrid sample.
A piece of black non-perforated geocell sample is lying on the blue background.
GAG-5: Black non-perforated geocell.
Black non perforated geocell is stretched by
two hands.
GAG-6: Stretched non perforated geocell.
There is a piece of black perforated geocell sample lying on the blue background.
GAG-7: Black perforated geocell.
Someone is stretching the black perforated geocell sample on the blue background.
GAG-8: Stretched perforated geocell.


  • Cost effective.
  • High seam strength.
  • Good erosion control.
  • High in-plane stiffness.
  • Good aperture stability.
  • Excellent load distribution.
  • Long term structural stability.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Effective mechanical interlock system.
  • Good corrosion resistant performance.

Geogrids and geocell with compact grid reinforcement system and excellent long-term performance is widely applied in the reinforcement, such as:

  • Load platform application.
  • Soil and ground stabilization.
  • Paving of roads, railway, highway.
  • Tree root and river bed protection.
  • Working platforms, parking lots, channel wall.
  • Slope, greenbelt and vegetation erosion control.
  • Bridge abutments, embankment and levees reinforcement.
  • Reinforcement of soft soil, roadbed, pavement, retaining wall.
Black geogrid is laid beside the train track, and a train is on the train track.
GAG-9: Geogrid can be used for paving railway.
A large area of highway is covered with black geogrid, and the woods is beside it.
GAG-10: Geogrid can also be used for paving highway.
Black geocell is laid on the slope, and a excavating machine is filling the soil into it.
GAG-11: Geocell is suitable for slope protection.
The black geocell is laid on the black geomembrane, and several wood sticks are fixed on it.
GAG-12: Geocell is applicable for soft soil reinforcement.
There are two black geogrid rolls with unfolded part lying on the ground, and one person is unfolding a black geogrid roll.
GAG-13: Geogrids can be used for soil and ground stabilization.


Black geogrid rolls are tied by white ropes and piled up together.
GAG-14: Geogrid rolls prepare for packaging.
Some black geogrid rolls with black plastic film are piled up orderly in the factory.
GAG-15: Geogrid rolls can be packaged with black plastic film.
A person is operating a machine to make the black geogrid rolls in the truck.
GAG-16: Geogrid rolls are waiting for transport.

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