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Specialized Geotextile Fabrics Manufacturer from China

General introduction of our company
Our company is a professional sales enterprise that has been committed to the manufacture of geomembrane liners, geotextile fabrics, geogrids, geocell, spring semicircle tube and many other geotechnical materials products. And we also produce a variety of materials, specifications of products. In these years we have always been provided a preferential price, timely delivery and quality of services to our customers. With the most advanced technology, professional engineering technical staff, modern production and testing equipment. We can offer you various types cost-effective products. At the same time, we are willing to help you assist in exploring market. Looking forward to cooperating with all the customers at home and abroad.

Eight advantages to choose our company:
Premium raw materials
Our raw materials are all from well-known domestic manufacturers.
Rich experience in production
Our company has over ten years production experience.
Senior technical staff
Our technical staff all have more than 10 years working experience.
Advanced production equipment
Recently we have purchased a number of the most advanced production equipment and testing equipment.
Geomembrane, geogrids and geotextile fabrics samples, geomembrane rolls, hot melt gaskets and plastic blind drains.
Various types geogrids, soft permeable pipe, geosynthetic clay liner, three dimensional composites drainage network samples.
Offer various types products
Our waterproof geotechnical materials products have a variety of specifications of geotextile fabrics, geomembrane, geogrids, geocells, etc.
Provide a variety of programs
Pre sales to provide you with various schemes for choice.
Quick in sale service.
Prepare the most suitable products, the fastest logistics transportation for you in the sale process.
Thoughtful after-sales service
Expert technical guidance one-on-one, make our customers without worries.

Nowadays, with rapid economic development, the reason our company can be able to stand on geotechnical materials industry is because we have been in constantly innovation and development. Our company can not only through the needs of each customer to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions, but also provide excellent products and premium services. Through years of development, our company has established a good reputation. Our customers not only have all over the country, but also have a number of products that have been exported to more than one country.

Whether you need any of our products, or a solution, or have any suggestions about our products , please call us or contact us online. Our professional staff can speak fluent English and can solve your problems patiently. We will provide you with intimate pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service. The staff members of our company cordially welcome the new and old customers from home and abroad to make the discussion and guidance!