Product List of Waterproof Series Products

A piece of white HDPE geomembrane sample is lying on the wooden ground.
HDPE Geomembrane

HDPE geomembrane with good anti-aging and waterproof properties is widely used for water conservancy, petrochemical, agriculture, aquaculture, etc.

There are three pieces of white LDPE geomembrane sample lying on the floor.
LDPE Geomembrane

LDPE geomembrane features excellent puncture resistance and weather resistance is used for pools, canals, landfill, tunnel, landscape, mining, etc.

There are two pieces of white EVA geomembrane samples on the blue background.
EVA Geomembrane

EVA geomembrane with good flexibility is easy welding and widely used for tunnel, subway, water conservancy, dam, garden, road, aquaculture and so on.

Two pieces of ECB geomembrane samples in two different colors are lying on the blue background.
ECB Geomembrane

ECB geomembrane with good flexibility and cold tolerance is suitable for tunnel and dam waterproof engineering, especially for vault inner surface.

Three pieces of transparent PVC geomembrane samples is lying on the black background.
PVC Geomembrane

PVC geomembrane with excellent easy welding property is widely used for sewage treatment system or underground works waterproof and moisture-proof.

Four white porous hot melt gaskets are put on the orange background, and a small piece of iron plate is in the middle.
Hot Melt Gasket

Hot melt gasket adapts to the shape of the excavation face is mainly used for water conservancy, highway, geotechnical fabric install fixed using.

Two pieces of white long fiber geotextile fabric sample are lying on the black background.
Long Fiber Geotextile Fabric

Long fiber geotextile fabric has filtration, isolation, protection function, it is used for highway, railway embankment, dam, airport, stadium, etc.

Three pieces of white short fiber geotextile fabric sample in different weight are lying on the black background.
Short Fiber Geotextile Fabric

Short fiber geotextile fabric with excellent isolation effect and good water guide and drainage is suitable for railway, highway, dam, tunnel, etc.

A piece of geomembrane sample with black membrane between two pieces of geotextile is held by one's hand on the blue background.
Geomembrane Liners

Geomembrane liners features unique thermal insulation, moisture, anti freezing effect is used for gardens, mining, agriculture, aquaculture and so on.

Two pieces of geosynthetic clay liner samples are lying on the ground, and one is frontage side, the other is reverse side.
Geosynthetic Clay Liner

Geosynthetic clay liner as permanent waterproof material features good sealing ability. Popular used for landfill, underground garage, oil depot, etc.

A piece of three dimensional composites drainage network sample with part white geotextile unfolded is lying on the ground.
Three Dimensional Composites Drainage Network

Three dimensional composites drainage network with good water conductivity property is suitable for refuse landfill, roadbed, road surface and garden.

Plastic blind drain can be customized in various types and colors.
Plastic Blind Drain

Plastic blind drain with high surface water absorption rate and flexibility structure can be applied in highway, stadium, golf course, airport, park.

Soft permeable pipe is in discoid shape lying on the ground.
Soft Permeable Pipe

Soft permeable pipe with great water permeability, filtration and drainage properties is applicable for retaining wall, expressway, sports ground, etc.

Four pieces of spring semicircle tube sample are lying on the white background.
Spring Semicircle Tube

Spring semicircle tube with strong adaptability is specially used for underground tunnel and ensure the tunnel does not leak in the use of the period.

Various types of black geogrids are lying on the ground, and there is a coin in the middle for contrast.
Geogrids and Geocell

Geogrid and geocell features good aperture stability and high flexural rigidity is suitable for subgrade and ground, airport runway, parking lot, etc.