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PVC Geomembrane - Good Hot Melt Performance/Easy Welding

Three pieces of transparent PVC geomembrane samples is lying on the black background.
PVCG-1: Transparent PVC geomembrane.

PVC geomembrane is polyvinyl chloride waterproof board. It is a kind of superior quality, high polymer waterproof sheet. By adding plasticizer, anti ultraviolet agent, anti aging agent, stabilizer and other processing aids into PVC resin, through extrusion method to produce molding high polymer waterproof coiled material. Composite PVC geomembrane is formed by PVC sheets and geotechnical cloth. With the advantages of high tensile strength, high and low temperature resistance and good thermal performance, roll seams can use cold sticking method or hot air welding method, which leads to form joint bond firmly, closed tight overall waterproof layer. PVC geomembrane can satisfy the water conservancy, municipal, construction, transportation, subways, tunnels and other civil engineering anti-seepage, separation, reinforcement and anti crack conditions.


  • Product name: PVC geomembrane.
  • Material: PVC resin.
  • Thickness: 0.30 mm, 0.50 mm, 0.60 mm, 0.80mm, 1.00 mm, 1.50 mm, 2.00 mm.
  • Width: 2000 mm or more than 2000 mm.
  • Color: black or at customized.
Number Item Index
1 Density g/cm3 1.25~1.35
2 Tensile strength (vertical and horizontal), MPa ≥15/13
3 Elongation at break (vertical and horizontal), % ≥220/200
4 Tear strength (vertical and horizontal), N/mm ≥40
5 Low temperature bending (-20℃) No cracks
6 Dimensional change rate (vertical and horizontal), % ≤5
7 Permeability coefficient,cm/s ≤10﹣¹¹
8 Permeability coefficient(㎝3*㎝) By design or contract
9 Heat aging treatment Exterior No bubbles, no adhesion, no holes
Relative change in tensile strength,% ≤25
Relative elongation at break, % ≤25
Low temperature bending (-20℃) No crack
Edge details about black and gray PVC geomembrane in different thickness.
PVCG-2: PVC geomembrane edge.


  • Convenient maintenance and low cost.
  • Convenient construction and easy welding.
  • Aging resistance and good wear resistance.
  • Firm, reliable and no environmental pollution.
  • Anti puncture ability is strong, can be used in planting roof.
  • Good plasticity, quick and simple edge and corner part treatment.
  • Bear chemical erosion, UV radiation resistance, suitable for special occasions.
  • With high tensile strength, excellent elongation, heat treatment size change is small.
  • Good low temperature flexibility, adapt to the environment temperature differences well.
  • Good high and low temperature resistance performance, excellent hot melt performance.
  • Long service life: as ground material can be used for more than 30 years, as underground material can be up to 50 years.
The production process of transparent PVC geomembrane.
PVCG-3: PVC geomembrane production line.

PVC geomembrane with excellent easy welding and good hot melt performance is widely used in various building engineering, for example:

  • Reservoir, pool, dam and sewage treatment for anti-seepage.
  • Tunnel, expressway, bridge, landfill and artificial lake.
  • Roofing, light steel roofing and other industrial and civil large roof panel.
  • Ground engineering that needs certain corrosion resistance requirements.
  • Rigid layer waterproof layer and old building concrete component layers repairment.
  • Sewage treatment system, basement or underground works waterproof and moisture proof.
  • Water conservancy, municipal, construction, traffic, subway, tunnel engineering for anti seepage, isolation, reinforcement and anti crack.
Several workers are laying black PVC geomembrane, and cement bags are put on the PVC geomembrane orderly.
PVCG-4: PVC geomembrane can be used for sewage treatment system waterproof.
Black PVC geomembrane is laid along the river bank, and there are some trees beside the river bank.
PVCG-5: PVC geomembrane is applicable for river bank isolation.
Some circle shaped water containments are wrapped with black PVC geomembrane.
PVCG-6: PVC geomembrane is suitable for aquaculture anti seepage.
A huge square pit is wrapped with black PVC geomembrane, and there is grasslands beside it.
PVCG-7: PVC geomembrane can be used for landfill reinforcement.
Black PVC geomembrane is laid on the ground in underground building, and there are some people working on it.
PVCG-8: PVC geomembrane can be applicable for underground works.
Black PVC geomembrane with some yellow strips is laid on the ground, and there is a person working on the black PVC geomembrane.
PVCG-9: PVC geomembrane is suitable for ground engineering.
Numbers of black PVC geomembrane rolls are laid on the slope and dam, two excavating machines and some workers are working.
PVCG-10: PVC geomembrane is used for dam protection.
A person uses hot welding machine to stick the edges of two black PVC geomembrane.
PVCG-11: PVC geomembrane edges hot welding machine.
Some workers are working to lay the black PVC geomembrane, and a excavating machine is on the top of the slope.
PVCG-12: PVC geomembrane can be used for building basement.
Some workers are examine the laid black PVC geomembrane, some other workers are taking cement bags.
PVCG-13: PVC geomembrane is applicable for expressway bed reinforcement.


Numbers of PVC geomembrane rolls are wrapped with black woven bags and piled up together orderly.
PVCG-14: PVC geomembrane rolls can be packaged with woven bags.

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