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HDPE Geomembrane - Good Waterproof and Anti Leakage Effect

A piece of white HDPE geomembrane sample is lying on the wooden ground.
HDPEG-1: HDPE geomembrane.

HDPE geomembrane is a kind of PE geomembrane, HDPE is the abbreviation of high density polyethylene, so it is also called high density polyethylene geomembrane. Be relative to HDPE geomembrane, there is another product named low density polyethylene geomembrane, that is LDPE geomembrane. The thickness of HDPE geomembrane is 0.2 mm - 3 mm. And it is made of premium polyethylene resin as material, the main ingredients is 97.5% high density polyethylene, about 2.5% of carbon black, anti aging agent, antioxidant, ultraviolet absorbent, stabilizer as accessories, etc. What' s more, its anti seepage and isolation performance are strong. Suitable for pools, canals, embankments, landfill, tunnel and many other places.


  • Product name: HDPE geomembrane.
  • Material: high density polyethylene.
  • Width: ≥2000 mm.
  • Length: ≥40 m.
There are three pieces of HDPE geomembrane sample in green, white and black color, and they are lying on the ground.
HDPEG-2: HDPE geomembrane has green, white, and black colors.
The details about the edge of black HDPE geomembrane sample.
HDPEG-3: Edge of black HDPE geomembrane.
Number Item Index
Thickness mm 0.30 0.50 0.75 1.00 1.25 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00
1 Density g/cm3 ≥0.940
2 Tensile yield strength (vertical and horizontal) N/mm ≥4 ≥7 ≥10 ≥13 ≥16 ≥20 ≥26 ≥33 ≥40
3 Tensile breaking strength (vertical and horizontal) N/mm ≥6 ≥10 ≥15 ≥20 ≥25 ≥30 ≥40 ≥50 ≥60
4 Yield elongation (vertical and horizontal) % - - - ≥11
5 Elongation at break (vertical and horizontal) % ≥600
6 Right angle tear load (vertical and horizontal) N ≥34 ≥56 ≥84 ≥115 ≥140 ≥170 ≥225 ≥280 ≥340
7 Anti-puncture strength N ≥72 ≥120 ≥180 ≥240 ≥300 ≥360 ≥480 ≥600 ≥720
8 Carbon black content % 2.0~3.0
9 Carbon black dispersibility 10 data in the 3 not more than one, 4, 5 is not allowed


  • Environmental friendly formula: The raw materials we have used meet the international standards, non-toxic, environmentally friendly. It is used for a variety of environmental protection, agriculture and aquaculture waterproof and anti leakage.
  • Aging resistance property: With excellent anti-aging, anti ultraviolet and anti decomposition ability.
  • High mechanical strength: Good mechanical strength, there are a variety of specifications to meet the different programs of electrical construction, water conservancy project waterproof.
  • Chemical stability: Excellent stability, acid and alkali, anti salt solution, oil, alcohol and other 80 kinds of chemical medium corrosion, so it is widely used in sewage treatment, landfill.
  • Puncture resistance: It has excellent puncture resistance, resist to most of the plant roots, so HDPE geomembrane is roof planting required products.
  • High impervious coefficient: With perfect waterproof effect that ordinary waterproof materials can not match, it is recommended in some high waterproof requirements of the projects.
  • Fast construction speed: HDPE geomembrane features high flexibility, with a variety of lay forms to meet the requirements of different projects, convenient and fast construction.
  • Low cost: It adopts new technology, the production process is more scientific and efficient, so the product cost is lower than the traditional waterproof material. And it is the best product for water storage and seepage control.
  • Good weather resistance: Using temperature range: -70°C - 70°C.
  • Long service life: The service life can be up to 50-70 years.
A roll of black HDPE geomembrane is on the produce machine.
HDPEG-4: HDPE geomembrane is in production.
There are a roll of black HDPE geomembrane vertical standing on the platform.
HDPEG-5: HDPE geomembrane rolls production line.


  • HDPE geomembrane is mainly used for environmental sanitation, water conservancy, municipal engineering, garden, landscape, petrochemical, mining, salt industry, agriculture, aquaculture waterproof and anti leakage.
  • It is also applicable in the building basement, underground warehouse, underground garage moisture proof, membrane pile cofferdam, reclamation project and docks engineering, etc.
Some rolls of black HDPE geomembrane are put on the ground orderly, waiting for using, and there is a excavating machine working beside them.
HDPEG-6: HDPE geomembrane rolls are waiting for using.
A heavy crane is putting the black HDPE geomembrane roll on the ground, and two workers hold one side of the HDPE geomembrane, other workers are waiting.
HDPEG-7: Laying HDPE geomembrane rolls.
A huge piece of black HDPE geomembrane has laid on the ground, and there are several cars and workers in the distance.
HDPEG-8: HDPE geomembrane laid on the ground.
White and black HDPE geomembrane applied in slope, and there are three workers working on it.
HDPEG-9: HDPE geomembrane can be used for slope protection.
There is a large piece of black HDPE geomembrane laid into a big circle shape for mining industry.
HDPEG-10: HDPE geomembrane can be applied in mining industry.
Black HDPE geomembrane is laid on the slope for groundsill waterproof, and there is a small mountain with trees near it.
HDPEG-11: HDPE geomembrane can be used for groundsill waterproof.
Black HDPE geomembrane is laid around the pond, several stones are pressed on its edges.
HDPEG-12: HDPE geomembrane is applicable for aquaculture.
White HDPE geomembrane is put on the slope, and there are grasslands and woods beside it.
HDPEG-13: HDPE geomembrane is suitable for agriculture.
Black HDPE geomembrane is laid in a large area, several machines and workers are working on it.
HDPEG-14: HDPE geomembrane can be used for municipal engineering.

HDPE geomembrane rolls packaging, first using adhesive tape to stick its edge, then wrapped with white or black woven bags, and put them on pallets or as your requests.

Two workers are packaging a roll of black HDPE geomembrane with white woven bags.
HDPEG-15: HDPE geomembrane rolls can be packaged with woven bag.
Twelve rolls of HDPE geomembrane packaged with white woven bags are lying on the ground in the factory.
HDPEG-16: Packaged HDPE geomembrane.

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