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Spring Semicircle Tube - Specially Used for Underground Tunnel

Four pieces of spring semicircle tube sample are lying on the white background.
SST-1: Spring semicircle tube.

Spring semicircle tube, also known as soft semicircle pipe, semicircle drainpipe, omega type soft semicircle drainpipe, it is specially used for tunnel application.

Spring semicircle pipe applies in tunnel non pressure drainage and ensures the tunnel inner structure permanent drainage unblocked, so as to make the tunnel lining structure of peripheral become no water pressure environment and ensure the tunnel no water leakage in using period. With acid and alkali resistance, penetration, soft and elastic, arbitrary bending, it is able to adapt to the surrounding gradually deformation characteristics. It can adapt to uneven surface of surrounding rock and fracture shape, avoid rock direct inflow of sediment caused by the blockage, withstand jet concrete impact without damage, no deformation. And it can eliminate the effect of tunnel external water pressure, improve lining structure stress condition.

Structure of spring semicircle pipe
Spring semicircle drainpipe is spring wire through plated plastic anti rust treatment, coated with PVC coating outside and with composite geomembrane to thermal bonding, finally, process into spring semicircle drainpipe. The product is applied in the construction of highway, railway and tunnel seepage prevention and drainage engineering. This is in order to avoid the external water pressure of the tunnel, reduce the bearing capacity of the arch wall for tunnel and make drainage flow. The outside of the tunnel lining structure is a no water pressure environment, which ensures the tunnel does not leak during the service period.

Two pieces of spring semicircle tube are lying on the white background, one is its frontage side, and the other one is its reverse side.
SST-2: Spring semicircle tube frontage and reverse side.


  • Product name: spring semicircle tube.
  • Material: high carbon steel wire, non woven filter layer, high strength polyester fiber.
  • Surface treatment: PVC coated.
  • Commonly used sizes:
    • Type: 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm.
    • Height: 25-40 mm, 45-50 mm, 55-60 mm.
    • Composite geotextile thickness: 1 mm. (allowable deviation ± 0.5 mm)
  • Packaging: Each one is 20 m, 100 m or 5 pieces in one bag.
Use the band tape to measure the height of spring semicircle tube, and the number is 13.5 cm.
SST-3: Measurements of spring semicircle tube height.
Measuring the length of spring semicircle tube, and the number is totally 30 cm.
SST-4: Measure the length of spring semicircle tube.
Use the calipers to measure the diameter of spring semicircle tube, and the number is 4 mm.
SST-5: Measurements about spring semicircle tube diameter.


  • This kind of buried drainage pipe, layered and batched buried, can adapt to the characteristics of surrounding rock gradually deformation.
  • Avoid the surrounding rock sand directly into the drain pipe that caused blockage.
  • Because the "drainage unobstructed" eliminates the effect of external water pressure, it improves the stress state of lining structure, and reduces the production of cracks.
  • Because of the deep buried in the interior of the tunnel lining, it can effectively prevent freezing in the drainage pipe and frost heaving damage to its structure in general cold area.
  • Due to the vertical setting of buried drainage pipe, the water flow in pipe is large. The general water discharge of each drainage pipe is not less than 50 m/h, which can adapt to various geological conditions of groundwater discharge.
Long piece of spring semicircle tube in profile is lying on the white background.
SST-6: Side of long piece spring semicircle tube.
Details about the edge of spring semicircle tube.
SST-7: Edge of spring semicircle tube.

Spring semicircle tube is widely applied in the construction of highway, railway and tunnel.

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