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EVA Geomembrane - Construction in Low Temperature Situation

EVA geomembrane is a new type of synthetic polymer waterproof coiled material, which is made of EVA sheets as base material and with geotextile fabric composite. Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is the best material for the production of waterproof coiled material at home and abroad. Its molecular weights up to 20-50 thousands, its performance is according to the proportion of acetic acid ethylene content to adjust the structure of the product, and can be applied to a variety of purposes. It has excellent anti permeability, high puncture resistance, high barrier properties, good flexibility, strong physical properties, aging resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, easy welding and can be construction at very low field temperature.

EVA geomembrane is popular used in tunnel, subway, water conservancy, dams, gardens, aquaculture, highway, drainage and other projects of isolation, waterproof and anti leakage. As a secondary lining, it is also suited for preventing pollution in case of leakage or chemical spills.

Three pieces of EVA geomembrane samples in different colors are lying on the blue background.
EVAG-1: EVA geomembrane in three different colors.
There are two pieces of white EVA geomembrane samples on the blue background.
EVAG-2: White EVA geomembrane.


  • Product name: EVA geomembrane.
  • Material: ethylene vinyl acetate.
  • Thickness: 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm, or more than 0.5 mm.
  • Width: 1.0 m, 1.1 m, 1.2 m, 1.5 m, 2.0 m.
  • Length: more than 20 m.
  • Color: black or at customized.
EVA geomembrane homogeneous sheet technology index (executive standard: GB18173.1 - 2006)
Item Test Resin series index
1 Tensile break strength (MPa) Normal temperature 10 16 14
  60°C ≥ 4 6 5
2 Elongation at break (%) Normal temperature 200 550 500
  -20°C ≥ 15 350 300
3 Tear strength kN/m ≥ 40 60 40
4 Impervious property, 30 min (no infiltration) 0.3 MPa 0.3 MPa 0.3 MPa
5 Bending temperature at low temperature (°C ≤) -20 -35 -35
6 Heating telescopic volume (mm) Extend ≤ 2 2 2
Shrink ≤ 6 6 6
7 Hot air aging (80°C × 168 h) Fracture tensile strength retention rate (% ≥) 80 80 80
Elongation at break retention rate (% ≥) 70 70 70
8 Alkali resistance (saturated OH (Ca)2 solution at room temperature × 168 h) Fracture tensile strength retention rate (% ≥) 80 80 80
Elongation at break retention rate (% ≥) 80 90 90
9 Artificial weathering Fracture tensile strength retention rate (% ≥) 80 80 80
Elongation at break retention rate (% ≥) 70 70 70


  • Easy welding.
  • Aging resistance.
  • Longer service life.
  • High barrier property.
  • High puncture resistance.
  • Strong physical properties.
  • Excellent anti permeability.
  • Low temperature resistance.
  • Can bear chemical corrosion.
  • Waterproof and leakage proof.
  • Soft structure and good flexibility.
  • A wider using temperature range.
  • Applicable for all kinds construction condition.
  • Soft structure, good flexibility and easy to bend.
A piece of white EVA geomembrane is hanging on the production machine.
EVAG-3: EVA geomembrane production line.
A roll of white EVA geomembrane with some unfolded part is rolled by the machine.
EVAG-4: EVA geomembrane is on production.

EVA geomembrane is popular used in a variety of projects for isolation, waterproof and anti leakage. Like the following places:

  • Preventing leakage on rooftop.
  • Seawater or freshwater feed field.
  • Subway, water conservancy, mining, gardens, drainage.
  • Preventing leakage in roadbed and other groundsill.
  • River bank, lake dam, reservoir, tunnel and liquid storage pool.
  • Waterproof layer of swelling clay and wet collapsed loess.
  • Construction fence and waste material field.
EVA geomembrane is wrapped around the wastewater bank and linked with some pipes, some trees are near it.
EVAG-5: EVA geomembrane can be used for wastewater treatment.
Black EVA geomembrane is laid around the whole landfill, and there is a machine and some cement bags on it.
EVAG-6: EVA geomembrane is applicable for landfill.
Black EVA geomembrane is floating on the water, and some workers and machines are working beside it.
EVAG-7: EVA geomembrane can be used as floating covers.
There are three water containments wrapped with black EVA geomembrane, and a grassland is beside it.
EVAG-8: EVA geomembrane is suitable for water containment.

Transportation and storage of EVA geomembrane:

  1. EVA geomembrane should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, prevent the sunshine and raining.
  2. EVA geomembrane should be flatwise, shall not tilt or cross transverse pressure, stacking height should not exceed 5 layers.
  3. In the transportation and storage process, EVA geomembrane should be far away from the fire source.

EVA geomembrane is wrapped with black or white woven bags, and then on wooden cases, pallets or as your requirements.

Many rolls of EVA geomembrane are packaged with black woven bags and put orderly on the ground in the factory.
EVAG-9: EVA geomembrane can be packaged with woven bags.

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