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What do we supply?

Geotextile fabric is a kind of environmentally friendly material with excellent waterproof and anti-seepage performance. It is widely used in various building construction, such as environmental sanitation, water conservancy, municipal engineering, garden, landscape, petrochemical, mining, salt industry, agriculture, aquaculture and many other places. What's more, with its good physical property and mechanic strength, it offers long service life that can up to 50 years or more.

According to the different requirements of different projects, we manufacture nine different types products, geomembrane series products, geotextile fabrics series products, geomembrane liners, geosynthetic clay liner, three dimensional composites drainage network, plastic blind drain, soft permeable pipe, spring semicircle tube, geogrids and geocells. In addition, free samples can be provided for all these products.

Geotextile fabrics products classification introduction

Geomembrane series products.

We offer you five different kinds of geomembrane products, HDPE geomembrane, LDPE geomembrane, ECB geomembrane, EVA geomembrane and PVC geomembrane. Made of environmental friendly and non-toxic material, they all have excellent mechanical strength and chemical stability.

And we manufacture a variety of specifications to meet the different programs. Its thickness is 0.2 mm - 3 mm, in which the thickness of 0.8 mm above is called geomembrane, less than 0.8 mm thickness is geomembrane liner. Excellent waterproof, anti-seepage and damp proof effects make it popular used in living landfill yard, sewage treatment plant, adjusting tank, industrial and hospital solid waste, the building basement, docks and so on.

What's more, we also provide you hot melt gasket in which is designed for the using of tunnel geomembrane. It can be divided into two types, stomatal type and no stomatal type, you can select different products according to the specific applications.

Geomembrane series products and white, red hot melt gaskets.

Geotextile fabric series products.

Geotextile fabric series products include long fiber geotextile fabric and short fiber geotextile fabric. Long fiber geotextile fabric as a new kind of construction material features good water permeability and excellent drainage function. Applicable for highway, railway embankment, dam, airport, stadium, etc.

Short fiber geotextile fabric is a kind of non-woven industrial fabric. With excellent drainage, filtration, isolation, anti-seepage and protection functions are suitable for railway bed reinforcement, highway pavement maintenance, isolation of hydraulic building, coastal beach and other engineering.

Long fiber geotextile fabric, short fiber geotextile fabric and its application.

Geosynthetic clay liner and Three dimensional composites drainage network.

Geosynthetic clay liner is made of special composite geotextile and non-woven fabric, with high swelling sodium bentonite filing in it. As permanent waterproof materials, geosynthetic clay liner features good sealing performance and flexibility property. Widely used for artificial lake, garbage landfill, roof garden, pool, oil depot and chemicals yard and other places.

Three dimensional composites drainage network belongs to a new type of drainage geotextile material. Manufacture with one three-dimension geonet and double sided adhesive seepage geotextiles. With isolation and foundation reinforcement, it forms a "filtration - drainage - ventilation - protection" overall performance. Mainly used in railway, highway, tunnel, municipal engineering, reservoir, slope protection and other drainage works.

Geosynthetic clay liner sample, three dimensional composites drainage network sample and geosynthetic clay liner application.

Plastic blind drain, Soft permeable pipe and Spring semicircle tube.

Plastic blind drain, also named plastic blind ditch, has many structural forms and can be customized in different colors. It is made of plastic core and outer filtering cloth. And it greatly improve work efficiency, so it is popular in many engineering projects like, highway and roadway subgrade, retaining wall, building foundation, underground irrigation and so on.

Soft permeable pipe is supported by anti rust spring coil, non woven fabric as lining filtering. It can block mud sand impurities enter the pipe and ensure the net water seepage. As a new type pipe, it can be drainage for tunnel, sewer, flower bed, dam, etc.

Spring semicircle tube can adapt to the soil surrounding gradually deformation characteristics. It applies in tunnel inner structure permanent drainage and ensure the tunnel no water leakage in using period.

Samples about plastic blind drain, soft permeable pipe and spring semicircle tube as well as soft permeable pipe application.

Geogrids and geocell.

We provide you uniaxial geogrid, biaxial geogrid and triaxial geogrid in different materials. At the same time, We manufacture non-perforated geocell and perforated geocell. With excellent anti-corrosion property, it is applicable for load platform, soil and ground stabilization, tree root and river bed protection and many other places.

Various types geogrids and geocell, and their applications.
Hot Products
A piece of white HDPE geomembrane sample is lying on the wooden ground.

HDPE Geomembrane

HDPE geomembrane with good anti-aging and waterproof properties is widely used for water conservancy, petrochemical, agriculture, aquaculture, etc.

There are three pieces of white LDPE geomembrane sample lying on the floor.

LDPE Geomembrane

LDPE geomembrane features excellent puncture resistance and weather resistance is used for pools, canals, landfill, tunnel, landscape, mining, etc.

Two pieces of white long fiber geotextile fabric sample are lying on the black background.

Long Fiber Geotextile Fabric

Long fiber geotextile fabric has filtration, isolation, protection function, it is used for highway, railway embankment, dam, airport, stadium, etc.

A piece of geomembrane sample with black membrane between two pieces of geotextile is held by one's hand on the blue background.

Geomembrane Liners

Geomembrane liners features unique thermal insulation, moisture, anti freezing effect is used for gardens, mining, agriculture, aquaculture and so on.

Black geomembrane is wrapped around the lank bank, and there are a lot of water in it.

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